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unboxing my 13" macbook pro w/ touchbar! – Tech Skull
Mon. Jun 17th, 2019

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unboxing my 13" macbook pro w/ touchbar!

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unboxing my 512gb macbook pro 13” with touchbar!! i also set it up and show you all of my accessories. i hope this helps if you’re searching for a macbook!


42 thoughts on “unboxing my 13" macbook pro w/ touchbar!

  1. I just purchased the 15 inch touchbar in feburary . I still use my 2011 Macbook pro sometimes, but it's soooo outdated now. It's so old, and slow.

  2. Can you do an update video? I’m getting the exact one (except with 256 GB instead) for college and I want to see how you feel about it from a “normal person” view (instead of someone super tech savvy haha).

  3. Great video, brilliant unboxing! subscribed! can i ask, how are you finding the keyboard? helpfully you are not having the issues that some people seem to be reporting. I will be buying a new Macbook Pro soon, i'm waiting for the next updates.

  4. I want this laptop, love your style of editing it’s amazing I just have one question. Do you think that it’s too small? Because I’ve been using 15 inch and I think that one is too big so is the size good?

  5. Hey, Julia! Tell us about what did you think about this MacBook w/ touchbar, do you think it’s useful? Or it is better without the touchbar?
    Nice video and congrats!

  6. Omg YAYYYYYYY!! SO SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! I remember getting my MacBook I WAS SO HAPPY!!😭😭☺️💕💕💕I also got mine for college like a year ago, and it’s the absolute best!!They are so beautiful!!☺️☺️💕💕💕You look so gorgeous queen!!!🌟🌟🌟💕💕Loved this unboxing!!🌟💕

  7. This is so exciting!!! Congrats on the new MacBook Pro! 😍 $1,800 is a super good deal for a brand new Mac! I just subscribed, hoping we can support each other 😊💕✨

  8. Congrats on your new mac! Been watching lots of unboxings too and hopefully I get to buy one next month! I’ve been saving for it just like you did 😉

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