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Top 3 Best Desktop Linux Distros | 2019 Edition – Tech Skull
Sun. May 26th, 2019

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Top 3 Best Desktop Linux Distros | 2019 Edition

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50 thoughts on “Top 3 Best Desktop Linux Distros | 2019 Edition

  1. 1. / 2..depending on your oreference:
    Manjaro installed using Manjaro Architect installer

    Everything else has one or more of these problems:
    1. Going to suffer from really old packages
    2. Going to require you to add a new PPA or repository every time you need something not in the official repositories (which is a huge pain compared to just setting up the AUR once)
    3. Will have problems getting certain software period

  2. If you are using or trying to us mint 19.1 and you have an sound blaster z sound card good luck. I use kubuntu 18.04 LTS and had everything working in about 20 minutes , including the sound blaster z.

  3. My only 2 problems with linux is chrome, for some reason only firefox able to run at 144hz with a few tweaks but chrome stuck at 60hz, in Windows at least chrome works at 144hz out of the box, that and gaming, I tired the latest wine and lutris but my games refuse to run, Ill wait a year or too but great work

  4. I finally have a system that let me install linux, could not work out what to use so I portioned a 4 tb drive into 4 and installed ubuntu, linux mint, pop os and manjaro

  5. Installed Mint, spent two hours googling and trying to find out how to pin application to task bar… then uninstalled. This thing is supposed to be user friendly? Installed Ubuntu… well, the ergonomy is soo bad. Who invented the system bar at the top of the screen, omg?!? In Windows when I want to close the application I just move mouse to the very end of the screen, no matter if I drag the mouse too far, and click. No so in Ubuntu, there is the system bar. I know I can configure this probably (if I install some UI tweking package), but these are so obvious design mistakes, I cannot trust the rest. 🙁

  6. For beginners, Use Netrunner Rolling , the goodness of Arch in the Polished Content Creation & Usability Level straight out of the box. Number One Distro of all time. BTW I use my own custom Linux Distro Based on Minimal Ubuntu with Budgie DE due to the nvidia screen issue. but Netrunner Rolling seems stable till date.

  7. My experience with Elementary OS was that it broke all the time and also the fact that Elementary apps, GNOME apps and QT apps all look differently and inconsistenly doesn't help either. With Linux Mint there was a problem that it didn't have packages you expect of a Linux distribution like gcc and the standard toolkit which makes it hard to work with R for example. I think the best one is Pop OS which provides everything you would need out of the box. Moreover, it's not easy to break things on Pop OS, you should install GNOME tweaks and other stuff to be able to do this 🙂 Also it is made by a hardware vendor which in theory makes it possible for them to tightly integrate their software with the hardware improving performance. But I wouldn't know because I'm in Russia and nothing delivers here :/

  8. How about OpenSuSE Leap 15 which is now updated by the SLES project and is the only distro that didn't have the journal spill and root write vulnerability when that was identifed?

  9. Deepin. Really hits the sweet spot – totally gorgeous out of the box, small, fast, tons of apps, and easy to customize without breaking a damn thing. Leaves all the distros in this video in the dust imho.

  10. These videos are terrible, the concept of a best disto is silly. Any disto you already have STICK WITH IT and just customise it. Don't go flavour of the month because of vids like this. If you need a specific disto like kali parrot blackarch the fare enough but for a general purpose disto ready made just use whatever you want

  11. Where's the Kubuntu love! It's so fast and uses little ram, the software support is perfect since it's basically Ubuntu with a modern and feature rich desktop environment. It's also so customizable and it's hard to break anything, if you know how to install Linux then I highly doubt you won't figure out how to customize a desktop environment.

  12. Manjaro reminds me of Mandriva, which bricked my computer in 2008. Unrecoverable. Since then I’ve used Ubuntu, Elementary, Kubuntu, Mint, Pear (I miss pear so much), and opensuse. No real reason except for it being fun to install a shiny new system whenever I felt like changing. Linux is great but it’s not for the technically illiterate. In terms of security it’s great but for being user friendly, it’s about 10 or 15 years behind ms windows.

  13. my life as a new linux user
    -learns of linux at school
    -somehow dualboot laptop with ubuntu 14.04 and windows 7
    -uses ubuntu once in a while
    -slowly forgetting ubuntu is install and uses windows 7
    -grows tired of slowness of an old windows 7 install
    -remembers the computer is dual booted with ubuntu
    -realizes ubuntu 16.04
    is outdated reinstalls ubuntu 16.04
    – uses ubuntu 16.04 till hdd dies
    – sees windows again
    – feels windows is overrated
    – considers buying a ryzen laptop without windows
    – finds this video

  14. thanks you for your video . and what linux os is like code free . im still learning but i have some friends that never gave up getting win 10 … they had win 7 . know one person i know there comp is froze and can not even turn it on … they refuse to go to win 10 . so wondering what one would be the best

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